Lingerie designer Noelle Wolf says eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size and here's why 3 years ago

Lingerie designer Noelle Wolf says eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size and here's why

Meet Noelle Wolf, the lingerie designer whose concept is a pioneering one - underwear that provides both comfort, confidence and style.

Not a combination you might think of when it comes to lingerie - there's a somewhat outdated concept that for underwear to be fabulous, you have to sacrifice comfort.


Rejoice women everywhere for Noelle's line includes a series of wearable separates in stunning fabrics all of which mould to your body like a second skin.

Although sceptical about finding the perfect fit, I was proved wrong and immediately felt a change after trying on some of Noelle's pieces - never underestimate the confidence you'll feel from the right bra.

Noelle wants that feeling to become a reality for women across the globe and this was the initial concept for her designs.

"I noticed this feeling of personal power and subtle confidence that putting on special lingerie gave me, that feeling was at the core of me wanting to launch my brand".


Previously working in publicity for Net-a-Porter and Rick Owens, Noelle took on some philanthropic work after having her children and this afforded her some major travel opportunities.

"While doing this work I really ignited my passion for lingerie as I travelled so frequently and would collect special pieces from cities like Tokyo and Florence".


Beautiful lingerie always appealed to her but she felt there was a gap in the market - lingerie for women who dress for themselves first.

Her designs feature the finest of fabrics including silk, lace and embroidery and it's the modern bonding techniques that ensure the perfect fit.

Noelle describes her pieces as "sensual, contemporary and feminine" and her aim is to inspire women from the moment they don their underwear in the morning.


Wearing the Soul T-shirt bra (€100) under your white shirt will make even the most simple of outfits feel amazing and the multiway Bond Demi Bra (€130) is a key purchase for the multiway straps can be worn several different ways.

Research says that women often wear the wrong bra size, your bra may have been the right fit at one time but hormones, pregnancy, and weight loss/gain can have an impact.

I'm the perfect example of this. I was sure 32C was the right fit, I always pick up the same size automatically and yet after getting measured, I was out by an entire size and should be wearing a 32D.

It turns out I'm not alone either.


Noelle says:

"The statistic is very high, up to 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size. I think this happens because women don’t really realise how much their breast size will change throughout their lives and so, they don’t get measured and fitted enough. They tend to just wear the same size for years. I suggest getting measured twice a year and then again when trying a new brand, as the fit will be different to the current one you are wearing.

However, this can differ with various brands and designers which is why Noelle recommends getting measured regularly, you can check out some of her tips in the below clip.

The 60-piece collection is available to buy now from the Noelle Wolf Lingerie website and there is also a selected edit of pieces in Brown Thomas.