Margot Robbie's €150 Mango coat is a timeless piece and my wardrobe NEEDS it 3 years ago

Margot Robbie's €150 Mango coat is a timeless piece and my wardrobe NEEDS it

Margot Robbie's €150 Mango coat is what you call a wardrobe essential.

Camel coats are one of my many style obsessions and as the owner of one, I can tell you this is a piece that will pay for itself considering the number of times you'll wear it.


However, mine is more of an overcoat style and after seeing this belted look from Mango, I am OBSESSED.

It's a classic, elegant fit and would instantly elevate any outfit, even a simple jeans and t-shirt combination.

The Belted Wool Coat is priced at €149.99 which is far from cheap but consider it an investment piece, an item you'll have in your wardrobe for years to come.

Margo's outfit is one I'd like to imitate too, the cream knit and suede shoes make for the most gorgeous tonal look, a trend that's very big at the moment.



Her cream dress is from The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion line FYI, and while it's way, way out of budget at €1,180, there are similar pieces available on the high-street (check out & Other Stories, they have insane stuff right now).

The wool and cashmere dress screams luxury and just look at that Chanel vanity case... swoon!!!

It's safe to say I am in love with this look but a coat like this would work with most outfits, imagine it with an all-black outfit or even a crisp white shirt, faded jeans and slingback heels.


It really is a stunning piece and even if this particular style is a tad too expensive, there are similar options available in some of the high-street stores, New Look does great coats at a cheaper price point.

Either way, a camel coat is one purchase you won't regret, apply the cost per wear principle and you'll soon see value for money.