Meet Tessie - Luxury Brand Mulberry Reveal Cheaper Bag Range! 7 years ago

Meet Tessie - Luxury Brand Mulberry Reveal Cheaper Bag Range!

The news that iconic brand Mulberry had decided to launch a new range of cheaper bags was met with great excitement in the office.

It opened a debate on whether it's worth forking out for an expensive designer bag... and let's just say opinions were split firmly down the middle with half the team arguing the advantages and the other half dismissing the idea as completely crazy.


This week, Mulberry released images of the new Tessie collection and while it's not cheap, prices are noticeably lower.

The satchel priced at €725

The satchel starts at £595 (€731) and the hobo bag is priced at £695 (€855). These aren't cheap by any standards but they are more affordable than the company's other bags, such as the Willow £2,500 (€2,460).

The hobo clocks in at €855

The tote (pictured below) is also priced at £595 (€731) and it might be the most functional of the three arrivals.


Each style comes in four shades: black, tan, oxblood and poppy red and all of the bags feature a piece of hardware topped with the distinctive Mulberry tree logo.


The new range is now available on the Mulberry website... are you tempted?!