Mega platforms and over the knee boots are officially making a comeback 1 month ago

Mega platforms and over the knee boots are officially making a comeback

2016 is calling, it's for you.

Over the last number of years, our feet have been through the wringer. From thin, flat, stiletto-heeled, strappy sandals to chunky loafers, let's be honest, our feet are either cut to bits or burning for the sake of fashion.


While it usually takes a decade or so for trends to come back, the latest shoe trends seem to have done a full rotation in only a few years, and our feet will truly be thanking us.

As we've seen from recent Versace runways or shoots, the insane platform is back and better than ever. Basically, what we're saying is that anything Ariana Grande wore on her feet in 2016 is back in style.

Sky high platforms and over-the-knee boots are it for the upcoming season, and while they are still high heels, at least this time we have the platform back for that extra bit of support.

Perfect for when the cooler months come in, and even better when it starts getting unbearably cold, we're seeing a lot of shoes to give us an extra layer this autumn and winter.


Letting the shoes do all the talking, they'll be the highlight of any outfit and they'll soon be on every pair of feet in the country.

Luxury brands like Acne Studios, Chanel and Brandon Maxwell have all taken a look back into Ariana's old wardrobe and taken a few notes, but this time they're more over the knee than ever before.

As we saw back in that era, once they were on the runway, you couldn't walk into any high street store without walking out with a pair and we can only predict the same thing is about to happen.


I'm just seriously regretting putting my pairs in charity bags all of a sudden.

When it comes to the platform heel, Versace has you covered on what to look out for, with high street brands already giving their take on these.

With our toes and heels covered, we won't go cold while wearing heels and this style is literally made to be worn with socks or tights, so we're already in.


Originally returning last year in 2021, they're going nowhere in 2022 and really set to make their mark on the fashion industry, so get your pair asap.