Merlin's beard! Alex and Ani's Harry Potter Christmas collection is absolutely magical 7 months ago

Merlin's beard! Alex and Ani's Harry Potter Christmas collection is absolutely magical

Absolutely gorgeous.

We were absolutely enchanted when Alex and Ani first announced they were launching a Harry Potter collection.

The range included everything from their signature charm bracelets to earrings; wrap-around rings and delicate chains inspired by the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Since then, they have released a number of updates to the range - including everything from bangles with quotes to sets that would show your house loyalty.

Now, the jewellery company have unveiled their Harry Potter range for the 2019 holiday season - and we definitely need it all.

Especially the set with Harry and Ron's Christmas jumpers.

Here are some of our favourite pieces from Alex and Ani's Harry Potter Christmas collection.

Harry Potter Always Adjustable Necklace Sterling Silver ($89)

Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Charm Bangle in Rafaelian Gold ($43)

Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Expandable Necklace ($58)

Harry Potter Best Friends Charm Bangle Set of 2 Shiny Rose Gold ($59)

Harry Potter Dealthy Hallows Magnetic Bracelet Rafaelian Gold ($49)

Harry Potter It Does Not Do to Dwell Charm Bangle ($39)

Harry Potter Quidditch Duo Charm Bangle Two Tone Midnight Silver ($33)

Harry Potter Wand and Patronus Duo Charm Bangle

Rafaelian Silver ($33)

Harry Potter Things We Lose Charm Bangle ($43)

Now, for the not-necessarily-ideal news.

While the range is currently available on Alex and Ani's North American website, the collection doesn't appear to be available in Ireland just yet (but we have reached out to find out if it will be here soon).

So, if you know someone who will be heading Stateside in the coming weeks and would be willing to pick you up a piece or two - or, if you've got an AddressPal account -  you will still be able to pick up some of the range.