This very Millennial shoe trend is making a major comeback – and people are torn 4 weeks ago

This very Millennial shoe trend is making a major comeback – and people are torn

It's like it's 2005 all over again.

They were comfy, versatile – and even supermodels wore them. And remember Gossip Girls? Sure ballet flats were practically soldered to Blair Waldof’s feet,


Cast your mind back to the mid-noughties, and I am pretty sure we all had a pair (or more than one pair) of ballet flats in our wardrobe.

And now the iconic flat shoe is back with a vengeance.

They were all over the autumn/winter 2022 catwalks back in February of this year, and now it has trickled down to the high street as well, with an Irish TikTok-er taking to the video sharing app to show a video of a large display of them in Penneys.


"The ballet flat revival is here gals and has landed in Primark," she wrote over the top of the clip.

"I don’t think my ankles can take it again."

And many were quick to agree with her.


"I have ptsd from wearing ballet flats in the rain and having wet sqwetching feet for the rest of the day," one person wrote.

Another one added: "I had these as school shoes. they were so bad. they leaked in water through the soles."

And third person raged: "I don’t think anyone could pay me enough to wear these."

A classic shoe that never goes out of style?


However – others strongly disagreed, claiming they never fell out of love with their ballet flats in the first place, and that the style is a true classic.

"I feel like ballet pumps never went away," one person wrote.

"They are an iconic style of shoe, that when styled properly, are amazing. French style wardrobe staple."

Another person wrote:

"What’s wrong with a pair of ballet flats? They go with everything and are so timeless."


And looking at these new photos of J.Lo rocking a pair, we have got to say we sort of agree.

Ballet flats are indeed versatile, they are so much comfier than heels, and they do make an outfit look more pulled together.

The best part? These shoes can be styled with universally anything–from a full skirt, to a skinny jean in the style of Kate Moss or noughties Sienna Miller – and you’ll still look timelessly stylish.

How do YOU feel about ballet flats making a comeback?