Pamela Uba: "Everyone is different and difference is beautiful" 1 year ago

Pamela Uba: "Everyone is different and difference is beautiful"

We're gearing up for the Galway Races.

Pamela Uba is a busy woman. Having won the title of Miss Galway 2020, she landed a modelling contract with Catwalk models, Pamela is also judging the 'Her Virtual Best Dressed' this year at the Galway races and did we mention that she's a full-time medical scientist?


In the midst of achieving her master's degree, Pamela has been working throughout the pandemic at Galway University Hospital:

"I'm a clinical biochemist so what I do is analyse your blood for certain diseases and I suppose with the pandemic, medical scientists would be very highly involved in that."

We asked her how she found lockdown and whether it was a struggle balancing work and studying throughout:

"Because of my job I was working throughout but we were social distancing. Because I was quite busy, I had the masters going on at the same time, so lockdown was actually alright for me as it allowed everything to go at a slower pace but it's still good to get back to normality too."

We caught up with Pamela to discuss how more women are getting involved in STEM, the opportunities that have arisen since winning the Miss Galway title and what she'll be looking out for on Thursday July 30th at the 'Her Virtual Best Dressed' competition.

Listen in to our full chat below and keep reading for all the details on how to enter the 'Her Virtual Best Dressed' competition at the Galway Races.


This year's 'Best Dressed' competition at the Galway Races will be taking place on Thursday July 30th. It will be a fully interactive and virtual experience for anybody who wants to take part. All the glamour and excitement of a race day from the comfort of your own home, what more could you want?

To enter, all you have to do is snap a picture of yourself as if you were heading to Ladies Day at the Galway Races, then we're asking entrants to make a small donation to a charity of your choice and finally post the entry to Instagram... easy!

Be sure to include the hashtags #HerVirtualBestDressed and #IMadeMyDonation tag @GalwayRaces and @herdotie and you're off to the (virtual) races. We have fantastic prizes on offer for 'Best Dressed' and 'Best Hat' and we're encouraging people to make a day of it and send us in your videos and pics that we can share throughout the day across our social media platforms. Check out our launch video below:


Feature image with thanks to Pamela Uba and Dave Cooley photography.