Lookdown looks: I was wearing tracksuits 24/7 before it was cool 2 years ago

Lookdown looks: I was wearing tracksuits 24/7 before it was cool

And double demin? Always a yes.

I was sitting at home recently looking at my tracksuit bottoms and thinking: I would still be wearing this even if lockdown wasn't taking over our lives.


I live in tracksuits. And now I'm finally setting trends. Turns out I've been doing lockdown for years!

This is something I may have some tips on - not just how to wear a tracksuit (we all know how to do that), but how you can incorporate tracksuits into your post-lockdown life and not look like you're just going from couch to kitchen to couch.

For example, just pair it with a blazer!


I am by no means a fashion influencer, but I can't help notice that the tracksuits that I was wearing pre-lockdown have become quite fashionable. Before Covid-19, you could barely get away with wearing a tracksuit on a casual Friday and now it looks like they might be here to stay.

I would describe my style as activewear meets casual Friday with sprinkle of festival! I love tracksuits, jumpsuits and playsuits, they are my thing and they are all I have in my wardrobe.


I have even gone as far as to wear tracksuits to work on days that aren't casual Friday. I'm almost certain I wore a tracksuit on a night out a few times, of course pairing it with a loafer to dress it up!

I just wear what I like and what makes me feel comfortable, really.

The key to wearing a tracksuit post lockdown is to wear it with a cute blazer and a nice fresh white t-shirt, and a nice pair of runners.


You can usually find me in a matching tracksuit with a blazer to dress it up. Or simply a massive parka. I love that look.

Throughout the lockdown I've been mostly wearing shorts because the weather has been so nice and it's nice to get a little colour on my knees some times - they love it!

When lockdown wasn't a thing and social distancing only involved having FOMO, I also loved to wear casual jumpsuits. I'm a big fan of my navy cord jumpsuit, it's one of my favourites. I also love a good denim jumpsuit too.


And yes, double denim is always a yes. Always.