My sister is a nurse and she recommends this hand cream for soothing dry hands 2 years ago

My sister is a nurse and she recommends this hand cream for soothing dry hands

A budget buy you won't regret.

If your hands are anything like my hands these days, let's just say hand cream is at the top of your shopping list too.


I mean; I don't know about you, but my hands have aged years, I think, since the area of rigorous hand-washing began.

However; I put my journalistic skills to use and set out to find the best hand cream money can buy. Polling my friends, I got tons of great suggestions, and actually realised that up through the years, I have indeed tried a fair few of these.

The real winner, though? The one my sister, who is a nurse and well used to washing her hands around the clock, recommended. And amazingly, it was far from the most expensive one on the list.

Say hello to Avène Eau Thermale Cold Cream Hand Cream – a hand cream that'll transform your dry, cracked, over-washed hands in no-time:



I am sure you are familiar with Avène, the cult, French pharmacy brand with the minimal design and almost medicinal packaging. This hand cream is, in fact, not only a firm favourite with nurses and other medical staff prone to dry and cracked hands, but also one of the best selling products across French pharmacies – and for good reason.

Hand cream with cold creams particularly recommended for dry or damaged hands, as it moisturises and protects your hands, and this smooth, non-greasy hand cream offers your hands an immediate feeling of soothing comfort.

The science bit? The cream works by having three active ingredients which work together to prevent 'transepidermal water loss', meaning; even if you expose your hands to water frequently by washing them often, your hands will still stay hydrated and protected, meaning less dry skin and less painful cracks and tears.

A star buy right now, we think – and while you're at it, for €7.99, you might as well pick up a tube for a friend too – a little kindness go along way these days.