Nasty Gal ad banned following complaints that model was 'unhealthily thin' 4 years ago

Nasty Gal ad banned following complaints that model was 'unhealthily thin'

A Nasty Gal advert has been banned in the UK following complaints that the model in the ad was "unhealthily thin."

The TV advert showed a woman wearing a selecting of clothing from the brand including swimwear, a dress, and a tank top while playing an assortment of sports.


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 22 complaints that the ad was "socially irresponsible" and made the decision to ban the content.

They said: 

"The ads showed the model lying on a sun lounger stretching her arms, which emphasised their slimness and length.

"Towards the end of the ads were scenes showing the model spraying mist on herself, which placed focus on her chest where her rib cage was visible and appeared prominent."


Nasty Gal has said that the model used in the advert had a BMI (body mass index) that was healthy for a woman of her age of height.

Despite this, the ASA upheld the complaints on the grounds that the model's body was portrayed in such a way that "drew attention to her slimness."

They ruled that the ad was "irresponsible" and told Nasty Gal that the content could not be broadcast again in its current form.


They also urged the clothing brand to ensure their future adverts were "prepared responsibly."