New Calvin Klein jumper has a see-through torso and it's so strange 3 years ago

New Calvin Klein jumper has a see-through torso and it's so strange

Have you ever been snuggled up in your nice wooly jumper and thought "I'd really love it now if people could see my torso through this garment"?

No? Us neither.

But apparently some of the lads over at Calvin Klein have because they are now selling a jumper that's pretty much like any other regular old jumper on the market... except it's got a see-through torso.

And it costs €1810.

Calvin Klein

Like, just look at it.

calvin klein

We have so many questions.

Most notably - why?

calvin klein

The strange design first made its debut back in February during Calvin Klein's Fall 2017 launch.

The collection included a lot of sheer-based looks - some of which were pretty nice, and others that were impractical and honestly just a little bit odd.

calvin klein

The jumper only became available to buy (for €1810, did we mention that?) during the week, but according to website Ssence, the men's version of the sweater has already sold out.

We don't know exactly how many of these jumpers were for sale originally, but you have to give credit where credit is due, we guess.

The women's version of the jumper comes with the choice of two different colours for its sleeves - red or purple.

Its sheer torso panel is made out of nylon so you know it'll do its absolute best to keep you warm during those chilly Autumn nights.

Or not. At all.