The new 'gift coins' from Irish jeweller Chupi would make a really sweet (and plastic free) Christmas present 2 years ago

The new 'gift coins' from Irish jeweller Chupi would make a really sweet (and plastic free) Christmas present

There's a reason that everyone complains about Christmas shopping.

It's not that we're Grinches who don't want to have to buy presents for our family and friends, it's just the 'thoughtful' part of gift buying that can be an absolute head wreck. It's so hard to be thoughtful when everyone you're buying for is an adult who already has TOO MUCH STUFF in their lives.


Occasionally, we're lucky enough to see the absolute perfect gift for a loved one. More often than not, however, we're left trawling the shops aimlessly picking things up and putting them down again. Did I buy my sister-in-law a bath set last year? How many times can I get away with giving my dad socks? Surely someone on my list needs a make your own gingerbread house kit?

Eventually we give in to what has been coming along and just buy them a gift voucher. But then comes the secondary problem: vouchers don't look all that impressive under the tree and suddenly we're back on the hunt for some sort of stocking filler to go with them...

Step forward Irish jeweller Chupi Sweetman.


A voucher that is sure to delight this Christmas is one that comes from Chupi. Firstly because, well, it's from Chupi - and her dreamy jewellery Irish-made line is filled with pieces that we covet. And, secondly, because Chupi has just introduced a Gift Coin to replace the traditional voucher.

"There is so much love and thought put into choosing a present for someone special, that gift cards can often feel like little pieces of plastic with no magic," Chupi says. Instead of some dull single-use plastic, her metal coins have a swan engraved on one side and a harp on the other, along with Chupi's slogan "made with love".

Each of these golden coins comes in a pink velvet bag with all the pretty trimmings that marks it out as a present to treasure. The coin is also engraved with a unique code that can be used in store or online to buy whatever your heart desires.


If that desire is for one of the brand's big ticket items, such as the solid gold pieces or the diamond collection, Chupi suggests that people might like to collect coins gifted (or even self gifted!) for a few different occasions until they're ready to purchase. And they get to keep their coin when the code has been used, as an added memento.

Something beautiful, thoughtful and worth treasuring, that also reduces our Christmas shopping stress? Hallelujah!