New Look Slammed For Using 'Hideous' Mannequin In UK Store 8 years ago

New Look Slammed For Using 'Hideous' Mannequin In UK Store

New Look has come under fire for using a 'hideous' mannequin that promotes unhealthy body image in a UK store.

The mannequin came to attention after a customer took a photo in the Kent outlet, which she posted to the retailer's Facebook page.


She was outraged at the unrealistic, extremely narrow waist and said "this is a mannequin in your store - personally think this gives out the WRONG message - especially to younger girls #unrealisticbodyshape #unhealthy".


An eating disorder charity has since branded the model "hideous" and New Look has confirmed that it has been removed from their stores.

"We appreciate you bringing this feedback to our attention today. It will enable us to resolve this as quickly as possible. We hear and understand your concerns and I'm pleased to tell you that the decision has been made to remove the mannequin from display at the Turnbridge Wells store at Longfield Road with immediate effect.


"We are also going to start an investigation to ensure this style of mannequin isn't used in any other stores or is removed as appropriate. At New Look, we would never want to encourage women to aim for an unhealthy or unattainable image or life style. The issues raised today will be treated with high priority in order to prevent any further distress."