This new way of wearing shoes has us completely stumped 1 year ago

This new way of wearing shoes has us completely stumped

Lads... we can't with this.

The hottest new trend in footwear is not putting your foot all the way into the shoe... What the f**k?

We love fashion, but let's be honest... sometimes it acts like a drunk person and it needs to go home, or take a breath, or have a little seat.  Like when Rhianna wore a face-hood, or when Sia did anything.

We know that mules made a comeback a while ago and we were on the fence, but let's be honest... they're comfy.

But make your own mules? We just don't know if we can pull this look off. have come out with a collapsible mule shoe it's called The Modern Babo, and basically it let's you choose how you want to wear the shoe. To be fair... they look pretty stylish,






We like where their heads are at, it's all about the comfort. We still think we'd fall over though... A LOT.

We're actually pretty impressed by Everlane themselves, they pride themselves on revealing the TRUE cost of making shoes and they source all the top quality factories themselves creating relationships with the owners.

With regard to these shoes, we'll have to just order some online and try them out.


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