This Newry designer recreated BOTH of Meghan's wedding dresses in just 24 hours 4 years ago

This Newry designer recreated BOTH of Meghan's wedding dresses in just 24 hours

We can’t tell the difference.

As soon as Meghan stepped out of the car at Windsor Castle on Saturday, designers around the world began the race to recreate her wedding gown.


Yes, as was with William and Kate’s wedding and the Duchess’ stunning lace gown, Meghan’s wedding dress would become the inspiration for designers around the world as brides everywhere strive to recreate similar looks on their own wedding day.

Well, in just 24 hours, one Newry designer recreated not just one but both of Meghan’s stunning bridal gowns from Saturday's festivities and we cannot tell the difference.

Shauna Fay decided she was going to take on the task of recreating the brides look in just one day including the minimalist white boat-neck gown and that show-stopping second dress.


Elody Bride also leant a hand recreating the gorgeous veil with intricate pieces of lace.

The 16-foot veil the Duchess wore included a trim of hand-embroidered flowers from each of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth in threads and organza.

Cutting out each individual lace piece, Elody Bride sewed them onto the veil that was measured to match the one Meghan wore on her big day.


And they didn’t forget about that stunning crown.

No, Shauna had the help of Donna Mackin Millinery who designed and made the piece with the help of a five-carat diamond worth over €57,000 from Jack Murphy Jewellers.

Meghan’s second dress also received the same treatment from Shauna, with the designer creating a perfect replica in just 24 hours.


And we just cannot get over the similarities.