Nike is now making 'fanny pack' slides and they are absolutely hideous 1 year ago

Nike is now making 'fanny pack' slides and they are absolutely hideous

Another day, another designer creating something we'll absolutely never wear.

This time it's Nike. Which is actually quite surprising because the brand never really do anything that's majorly outside-the-box.

However, it has changed all of that now as it has just launched fanny pack slides... and honestly? Really?

Nike benassi jdi fanny pack slides Green Blue

The footwear have a little mini fanny pack on the front, and while it looks cute, nobody is going to wear them. The only way they will get popular is if Rihanna wears a pair and then no doubt every high street store will create a version.

And also... what are we meant to store in the mini fanny packs? We're hardly going to bend down to our feet to get our money out, are we?

Saying that though, we never thought fanny packs would come back into fashion, and here we are.

According to Hypebeast, the hybrid footwear will be available "soon" and will come in green/blue, pink/black, and plain black.

If you want to see another clothing item that we found today that also makes absolutely no sense, check out this article about the denim skirt that goes over your boobs.

Notions, people... notions. Do you think they'll catch on?