You are not imagining it – everyone is about to get obsessed with the colour green 7 months ago

You are not imagining it – everyone is about to get obsessed with the colour green

Ready to redecorate?

These past couple of years, we have spent more time inside our homes than ever before. The pandemic has changed how we live our lives in so many ways, from work to travel to home life, and it is showing up in different ways.


For instance, for so long now, interior trends have favoured white or very light colours. We have seen thousands of TV shows and interior magazine spreads with home after home with stark white walls, and it seemed we simply couldn't get enough of the very sleek, modern Scandi-style look.

However, 2020 came with all its craziness and drama and upheaval, and suddenly, colour trends seemed to almost shift overnight, with so many of us suddenly favouring more homely, old-fashioned and traditional hues to surround ourselves with.


Cottagecore has been trending, a trend with nods to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic, maybe as a direct response to the chaos of the world around us, increasing time spent in front of a screen and just modern life in general.

And now, according to interiors experts, we are looking forward to 2022, and in this post-pandemic era, it looks like it is another natural hue that is coming up trumps.

Several major paint companies have already revealed their colour of the year for 2022, and somewhat surprisingly, they’ve all selected different shades of green.


From sea glass to olive-toned pale green, we are seeing green emerge like the leading hue of 2022 – and honestly, we are ready to redecorate right now.

US-based paint manufacturers PPG announced their 2022 Color of the Year as Olive Sprig – a grounded and refreshingly versatile grey-green hue – that ‘represents regrowth in a post-pandemic world.’

And the green paint trend isn't stopping with olive spring – we are seeing so many shades of green pop up everywhere.


'There is something inherently human in the colours that we are attracted to for 2022 as well as in the way we use them," explains Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball's colour curator.

"They are an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evokes the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today. Function goes hand in hand with ornament, using colours and finishes in unusual ways to celebrate the principles of utility, kindness and honesty."

Breakfast Room Green is revealed as one of Farrow & Ball's biggest colour trends for 2022 – a colour that is  both arresting and familiar, and provides the perfect background to displaying art.

Us paint company Benjamin Moore's pick for 2022 colour of the year is a soft, silvery-green called October Mist 1495. This botanical shade mimics the pale green of a flower stem and serves as the foundation for the brand's larger 2022 color trends palette.

"October Mist 1495 and the corresponding color trends 2022 palette reflects an effortless harmony of colors while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project," said Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore's director of color marketing and development, in a press release.

"Green is in the middle of the spectrum, so in a sense it incorporates both ends and embraces all the realms of light that people need for nourishment. It evokes both warmth and coolness. Since it's ubiquitous in nature, it takes us back to nature." — Donald Kaufman


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