Not petite or plus size? 4 'mid-size' style influencers you should follow on TikTok 1 year ago

Not petite or plus size? 4 'mid-size' style influencers you should follow on TikTok

What exactly is mid-size fashion?

The term 'mid-size' has been popping up more and more recently but what exactly is it?


Generally mid-size fashion is clothing that comes in sizes larger than a size 10 but smaller than a size 16.

The sizes that don't fall under petite or plus size but are still very common sizes that most of Ireland fall under.

Being mid-sized myself I have to say it's not always easy finding an accurate representation of what a certain outfit or style would look like on my body as much of the fashion modelled in the media or on social media platforms by influencers was either petite or plus size with nothing in between.

Luckily in the last while mid-size fashion has fallen more into the common fashion vernacular and with the advent of platforms like TikTok, more and more mid-size influencers are becoming popular.


If like me you're mid-size and are looking for some style tips by influencers that have a similar body shape here are four that I highly recommend.




Leah Keoghan @leahkeoghan

Leah has over 48k followers on TikTok and it's easy to see why.

She does lots of practical styling tips for anyone sized 12 to 14 as well as haul videos featuring brands that sell great mid-size bits.




Kelly Midsize Fashion @kelly_elizabethxo

Kelly Midsize Fashion creates videos for TikTok and YouTube talking about her personal journey with coming to love her body and also gives lots of helpful suggestion on how to style clothing to look flattering on medium sizes.

Kelly is also tall (5.10) so if you're a tall and mid-size she's the woman for you.




Dani with love @daniwithlove

Dani with love is great if you want mid-size fashion with a little twist.

I love patterns and unique clothing which is why I gravitated to Dani's TikTok account straight away.



Shayna Moretti @shaynamoretti

If you want to show off all those curves and then some you can't do better than Shayna Moretti.

This girl puts together some of the most gorgeous outfits I've ever seen for glam to day-to-day and if you're on TikTok you need to give her a follow.