This is how often you should clean your handbag 5 years ago

This is how often you should clean your handbag

Are you a devout follower of Konmari?

The technique, which marries tidying with positivity, was developed by Japanese woman Marie Kondo.


She's gained a worldwide following thanks to her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which encourages people to throw away anything they own that doesn't 'spark joy'.

She told Red Online that even your handbag should be subject to some ruthless tidying on a regular basis.

"I recommend completely emptying your bag each day when you come home. This is especially true if you switch handbags regularly," she said.

"Designate a place in your home to store the items from your handbag that you carry each day, such as your wallet. Then each morning, pack only the items you need on that particular day – this way your handbag will always remain tidy."

Seems extreme - who else dumps their handbag inside the front door as soon as they get in and forgets about it til the following morning? - but we guess a small change like this could go a long way in helping you to become more organised.


As for whether we'll actually try this? That's another story...