Penneys' magical new Harry Potter product is a must have for fans 2 years ago

Penneys' magical new Harry Potter product is a must have for fans

It's just enchanting.

We were absolutely spellbound last year when we heard that Penneys and Warner Bros were teaming up for a Harry Potter range.

In honour of the book series' 20th anniversary, they released a series of items that includes pillows, tracksuits and just about everything in between.

But, thankfully, they haven't stopped adding to the collection.

More recent additions to the Harry Potter range include the cuddly Hedwig pillow and the pyjamas to show your allegiance to your Hogwarts house.

The company recently debuted yet another Harry Potter-inspired product on Instagram - and it will definitely add a touch of magic to your wardrobe.

The Golden Snitch backpack, priced at €12, is a must-have for any wannabe witches and wizards.

The tote is a round golden shape, with two silver wings and two black straps.

And it looks like plenty of fans of the series are ready to splash the galleons on the bag.

Penneys debuted the bag on Instagram over the weekend, where it has since cast a spell over social media users.

The picture got more than 65,000 likes when it was first shared, with almost 2,000 comments underneath.

One person wrote:

"that is just plain ADORABLE."

Someone else simply wrote:

"Want this so bad."