Penneys have released the cosiest Riverdale-themed pyjamas 1 month ago

Penneys have released the cosiest Riverdale-themed pyjamas

One milkshake please, Pop.

Penneys have released Riverdale-themed pyjamas and they look so cosy.

The retailer unveiled the comfy set - inspired by Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, naturally - on Instagram on Saturday morning.

The matching set is dark grey, with the bright pink and blue logo of Pop's on the front.

Having seen the pyjama top in Penneys on Mary Street recently, I can honestly say it is is super warm and cosy.



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"One milkshake please, Pop," the retailer captioned the photo, before telling followers that the prices begin at €12.

And eager fans have taken to the comments to gush over the comfy pyjama set.

"Actually so comfy, with pockets," one person wrote. "I love them so much."

Another fan called it the "comfiest set ever", while someone else said they "feel a shopping trip coming on."

And it looks like there's another big TV-inspired collection on the way to Penneys.

The just-over-a-minute-long teaser shows a woman sitting in front of the TV in a '70s-inspired living room, and wearing a sweatshirt with those alphabet lights.

She puts on a blindfold, only to be taken to the Upside Down - and as the Primark sign lights up, Stranger Things music can be heard in the background.

And while it may be awhile until we get season four of the Netflix sci-fi series, it looks like it won't be much of a wait until this range arrives in stores.

"Something strange is coming..." the video was captioned.

And in good news for Stranger Things fans, a spokesperson for Penneys have confirmed the collection will be available in Ireland - so make sure to keep your eyes peeled...