Penneys is selling a Gucci bag dupe for only €16... and it's GORGE 2 years ago

Penneys is selling a Gucci bag dupe for only €16... and it's GORGE

If you're looking for a Gucci dupe, then this is for you.

We'd all love to splash the cash and spend upwards of €2,000 on a bag - but unfortunately, all we can seem to afford is avocado toast.


And while we would much prefer a gorgeous Gucci bag... a girl's gotta eat.

The brand is famous for its bees, and mostly everything is produces has a bee or two on them.

So, if that's your thing, then you'll love this Penneys dupe.

The crossbody, box bag is the same as a lot of luxury designers' accessories right now, so you'll fit right in with that trend.

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It's adorned with gold bees (and butterflies for that little added extra), and has a gold chain fastener.

I think we can all agree that for €16, it's a total bargain, and it will definitely be going in our shopping basket the next time we're at our nearest Penneys.


Also, on the beauty side of things, you'll know that a good setting spray is a holy grail product - and now Penneys is releasing some.

The three sprays are called Glow, Matte and Hydrate and according to Primark:

"Glow is an illuminating setting spray that helps hold makeup in place. Matte is an oil controlling makeup setting spray that helps reduce shine throughout the day. Hydrate uses rose water to create a burst of hydration to the skin to keep it healthy looking and glowing while the aloe vera ingredient acts as a cooling agent to help with redness."

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All big claims to make, especially about a product that costs just €5.