Penneys and Zara are basically selling the exact same dress right now 5 months ago

Penneys and Zara are basically selling the exact same dress right now

Seeing double.

It's fair to say that for the party season - and maybe all year round - a lot of high street stores sell near enough the same things.

There's dresses, sparkles, sequins, faux fur, faux leather, animal print, tassels, ruffles, and basically anything that can be put into the 'party' category.

However, this morning we first came across a dress on the Penneys Instagram page that we thought we had seen before - and we thought right. It was on the Zara website.

Now, bear in mind that they're not the exact same dress - but it looks like the same material, and they're both minis.

Here's the Penneys one, coming in at €25:


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Slip on some sequins like @mpholebajoa ✨ Dress for £20/€25 (Available in: ??????????) #Primark #womenswear #regram

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And here's the Zara one, coming in at just under 40 quid:

Image 1 of SEQUIN DRESS from Zara

Very similar, right? While there's only €15 in the difference, you wouldn't tell them apart and we're sure when you see them on your mates you'll shout 'Penneys, hun?!'... and they'll awkwardly go 'er, no Zara...' (this has happened too many times in Her HQ btw).

With one being a wrap around and the other having cut-outs on the sides, it really comes down to personal preference, but as we're trying to save all we can for the Christmas season, we will no doubt be going for the Penneys version.