The perfect €18 boho-chic summer dress has dropped in Penneys 3 years ago

The perfect €18 boho-chic summer dress has dropped in Penneys

You could wear this five days in a row and no one would say anything because you'd just look class.

Penneys is slowly but surely introducing their summer collection and while their tops are decent and their shorts are acceptable, it's the dresses that they've really been outdoing themselves on.


And their pantsuits, but it's summer now, we can't be dealing with those anymore.

This week, the discount store has brought us a glorious little floral number in the shape of this yellow wrap dress.

And yeah, we are actually obsessed with it, alright?


Imagine yourself there now - sipping cans, sunglasses propped on your head, the dress is on, the sun has gone behind a cloud and you're waiting nervously for it to reappear and when it doesn't you get sad but you still look great because you've got that dress on.


Standard day in the sun, to be honest.

The dress is only 18 quid too.

So, you know, you can spend the rest of your money on things that matter like groceries and prescriptions and more bits from Penneys.


It's the summer, you deserve it.