Revealed: The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas of All Time Is... 8 years ago

Revealed: The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas of All Time Is...

They had some stiff competition, but the hideous pairing of socks and sandals has been rated the biggest fashion faux pas of all time.

Over 1,500 shoppers cast their vote in an online poll, carried out by Debenhams, on what makes their blood boil when it comes to fashion mistakes and socks and sandals took the top spot.


Other fashion catastrophes rated highly include platforms on men and low slung trousers, as well as retro favourites; shell suits and bum bags.

Some of our favourite high street stores might do well to note that crop tops made the list too... those of us with normal bodies wouldn't touch one with a barge poll, no matter what Rihanna wears.  

Spokesperson for Debenhams Ireland, Karen Nason said of the survey; “Socks and sandals are the epitome of Irish summer style gone wrong. The fashion crowd might have classed it as en vogue but our customers have voted it the worst look of all time.”

Not even you can rock this look, Mr. Burberry model... not even you. 

In what we suspect to be a fash pack injoke, surely, Burberry, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, all showed socks and sandals on the runway. It doesn't matter, it's still not cool.  

The top ten fashion faux pas were:


1. Socks and sandals

2. Platforms for men

3. Low slung trousers

4. Velour tracksuits

5. Harems


6. Crop tops

7. Bum bags

8. Shell suit

9. Trucker hats


10. Scrunchies