Rita Ora is bringing Spicer style back as she debuts a mullet 10 months ago

Rita Ora is bringing Spicer style back as she debuts a mullet

Ah, Spicers...

We remember fondly the years of 2007 and 2008 as the Spicer years. It was a time when both girls and lads got eyebrow piercings, wore Addidas tracksuits and the sound of Tiësto followed them around everywhere they went.

It was also the time that everyone had a mullet. You couldn't pass by a school classroom (especially in an all-boys school) without seeing a few mullets floating around.

They were grim, yes, but they were in style and everyone wanted one.

We're fairly glad that we never actually went for the chop, as it took years for hair to grow back normally for the poor souls who did.

However, it looks like the style might be having a little revival as Rita Ora sported the chop on Instagram.

While it might not be the mullet of 2k7, it's definitely a modern take on the style.


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It's longer than the little gelled spikes lads used to get at the top of their heads, and also more streamlined than what we used to see before.

She looks absolutely gorgeous and pulls it off effortlessly, however if we were to get a similar style, we don't think we could pull it off like she has (we couldn't in 2007, we still couldn't now).

We just hope that 2k7 style does not come back into fashion...