These rubber kitchen gloves cost €435 and we are totally baffled 2 years ago

These rubber kitchen gloves cost €435 and we are totally baffled

OK, so fashion can be weird sometimes.

Yes, we've all seen the embellished Crocs, the €1,000 paper clips and Balenciaga's Ikea-esque bag.

We will never wear the items. We don't know why they make them. Yet, for some reason, designers keep pushing them on us.

The latest is from Calvin Klein. The brand is selling rubber gloves (used prominently for washing the dishes) for a grand total of €435.

Calvin Klein's spring/summer '18 show. Image credit: Indigital

The gloves were first unveiled during Calvin Klein's SS18 fashion show in September and now they have finally hit the market.

Raf Simons, who designed the collection, created the fashion show around horror movies and made many references to proms gone wrong. He also picked up on the PVC trend that has been huge in the past few seasons, matching the rubber gloves with some yellow plastic tops.

As you do.

They are available on the Ssense website now. They come in a ‘rose pink’, complete with the Calvin Klein logo at the cuff, and well... the are certainly statement-making.

So, if you're up for gloves that cost near €500 to do the washing up... you now know where to find them.