These €16 sandals from Zara are literally perfect for the summer months 3 years ago

These €16 sandals from Zara are literally perfect for the summer months

Such a bargain!

Listen, we know today isn't exactly gorgeous, but summer is certainly on the way.


In fact, we got a lovely little taster of it last week, when the sun decided to come out for a gawk.

Anyway, the lovely week made us realise that now is the time to be sorting out the aul summer wardrobe.

You know yourself, the midi dresses, the denim skirts and all those cute tops that we can't wear most of the year.

The most important item in every summer wardrobe? The shoes.


Shoes are literally the key to every outfit in our opinion, and we just found the perfect summer pair.

Sandals that will go with absolutely everything, and that offer genuine comfort at the same time.

Unheard of, we know.



Anyway, while scrolling through the wonderful Internet today, we couldn't help but notice these babies on the Zara website.

Say hello to the woven flat sandals, the most versatile pair of summer sandals we've ever seen.

They are made from a black woven material, with wide strap across the front.

Honestly, they're just fab.


And ladies, can we talk about the price for just one minute.

These lovely sandals are actually currently on sale for €15.99, which is actually pretty outrageous.

Such a brilliant deal!

And even better? There is an amazing range of sizes available, from a size 2 to a size 9.

We suggest you act fast though, these babies are selling like hot cakes.