3 ways to shop Euphoria's fashion second-hand or through independent businesses 1 year ago

3 ways to shop Euphoria's fashion second-hand or through independent businesses

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Here's how you can give your wardrobe that Euphoria High finish...


Now that we're well into the second series of Euphoria, it's safe to say the fashion and style this season has not disappointed.

From incredible night-out looks to everyday glam, the Euphoria gals have been giving us style envy week after week, and we're sure that's likely to continue for the rest of the season too.

With that in mind, you're probably not the only one looking to replicate the show's fashion in your own wardrobe.

And if you want to shop sustainably or support Irish businesses in the process, we've put together our top tips for creating your own Euphoria looks below...


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In the mean time, here's how you can create your own Euphoria inspired wardrobe by shopping second-hand or from independent businesses...


Second-hand shopping

One of the best ways to shop sustainably is by strolling around your local charity shop and picking up some second-hand items for your Euphoria look. Dublin has loads of charity shops for you to support, while Depop and thriftify.ie are perfect for shopping your second-hand style online.

Seeing as Jules, Kat, Cassie and the rest of Euphoria's cast don't shy away from vibrant colours and bold patterns, we've picked out two eye-catching second-hand options below...

Bershka Red Black Snakeskin Strappy Top Lace Trim BNWT - Size S


€8.89, thriftify.ie

Purple Lace/Mesh Bralet Top - Size 38B

€10, thriftify.ie



It's not easy tracking down y2k fashion bits on the high-street, giving us yet another reason to shop from independent businesses. Etsy stores are ideal for supporting independent sellers and often, the items are handmade, making it a great way to pick up some unique, statement items for your Euphoria 'fit.

Below, we've picked out a fur trimmed cardigan that looks like it's been taken straight from Cassie's wardrobe, as well as a cute co-ord similar to the ones Maddie is always wearing on the hit show...

Pink Fur Trimming Y2k Cardigan

€28.06, daintyandpetite on etsy.com

Y2K Streetwear Sexy Bandage Blue Co-ord Suit

€45.74, ImpalaPrintsCo on etsy.com

Irish owned businesses and independent sellers

Supporting small businesses can be a more ethical way to shop, and it can be great for recreating this season's stunning Euphoria fashion too. When it comes to Euphoria's night out fashion, the glamorous cast are no strangers to vibrant crop tops and eye-catching dresses, which is exactly what we've pick out below...

Cut Out Waist Knit Dress Pink

€27.50, azur-couture.com

Crop top

€19, @gnomesknickers on Instagram and Depop

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