Six Music Videos That Shaped Our Style 8 years ago

Six Music Videos That Shaped Our Style

Back in the days when Top 30 Hits ruled Irish TV, it not only served to tell us the most popular tunes of the week, it also helped to dictate our wardrobe choices. Here are six classic music videos that influenced our style..

C'est La Vie


You know we're talking about those cropped denim jackets. And yeah, we know you bought one, we all did. #noregrets


Bandana? Check. Khaki pants? Check. Hoop earrings? Check. This major girl power anthem got us fired up and wearing things you wouldn't even believe.



This chick has a lot to answer for when it comes to our fashion in the early naughties. If you were an Avril fan, you went heavy on the eyeliner, rocked poker straight hair and had a super cool chain attached to your skater pants. Don't forget that tie over your vest either. Snazzy.


Baby One More Time

The classic Britney look that launched a million Hallowe'en costumes, and forever altered the hemline of Irish school skirts.



We all identified with a particular Spice Girl and decked ourselves out accordingly. Whether it was Baby's platforms, Sporty's tracksuit bottoms or Scary's leopard print everything, you know you channeled one of their signature looks at some point.

Never Ever

This isn't the most memorable video on the list (even though we know you know all of the words of that opening monologue), but we'll leave you with two words: baggy combats.