So This Is the Heel Height We SHOULD Be Wearing... 7 years ago

So This Is the Heel Height We SHOULD Be Wearing...

We’ve heard all about the secrets of wearing high heels without the pain – from running your feet under cold water to “training” your tootsies – the fact of the matter is that a certain height is better for you.

According to numerous experts, anything higher than two inches isn’t actually good for you or your health.


Chiropodist Stephen Hartman told Best Health that heels that are higher than two inches propel the body forward and point the foot downward, reducing its ability to absorb shock.

This in turn puts pressure on your knee and hip joints which can, over time, lead to arthritis.



Furthermore, Dr Nevins told the American Osteopathic Association that higher heels push your feet forward in the shoe, affecting weight distribution.

This then forces the wearer to lean back unnaturally (to counter the body being pushed forward by the heel), putting stress on your spine and potentially damaging your posture.

Of course, the key is wearing heels in moderation and alternating in terms of heights (including flat shoes).