Someone Has Finally Invented Yoga Pants That You Can Wear To Work 9 years ago

Someone Has Finally Invented Yoga Pants That You Can Wear To Work

There are two kind of women. The woman who wears yoga pants everywhere and the woman who is sick and tired of seeing them everywhere.

Either way, there's a solution: Dress Pant Yoga Pants. They look like pants you can wear to work without being judged, but apparently they feel like stretchy, comfy, yoga pants. They're made of rayon, nylon and spandex; and have a straight-leg cut, faux zippers, a non-functional button at the waist and belt loops.


Creator of the pants Sarah James said that she invented the pants "before things get too casual" so that women can still wear comfortable clothes and still look classy.

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"I combined a stretchy performance knit with dress-pants features to create a comfortable pair of pants that could easily be worn for a light lunchtime workout and look just as appropriate back at the office", said Sarah.

The pants are under Betabrand, which uses crowd funding to gauge the potential success of a product. Early adapters can invest their money in a product and if it reaches its goal, they can get that product at a significant discount. If the product doesn't reach its goal, the people who invested get their money back.


In this case, the earliest adapters received a 30 percent discount.