This Stradivarius piece is the winter coat of our dreams (and we need it now) 2 years ago

This Stradivarius piece is the winter coat of our dreams (and we need it now)

It's official.

The weather has finally taken a turn, and with many people starting to get the sniffles, we're on the hunt for some seriously warm and stylish outerwear.


Now, normally we would be big advocates for spending a decent bit of money on a good winter coat (if you can).

After all, it's something you will wear for most of the colder days and months that makes up at least 70 per cent of your visible outfit.

But sometimes a retailer brings out a coat that is just too goof for us to resist.

Enter this cosy jacket from Stradivarius - and is the winter coat of our dreams and looks so much more expensive than its €55.99 price tag.

The double-sided biker jacket looks as warm as it is stylish, and comes in three different colours: black, mid beige and dark fuchsia.

And while the mid beige and black versions would definitely be ideal if you're looking for something a bit more neutral, we're loving the pink-ish version to bring a splash of colour to our cold weather wardrobes.


Talk about the perfect piece for the colder weeks ahead.

Another piece from Stradivarius that has caught our eye are these gorgeous tulle midi skirts - which cost just €19.99.

The midi skirt has been one of our wardrobe staples for the last few months.

They are stylish. They are super flattering. And they're a very, very great alternative for when you're sick to death of wearing tights (or not quite ready to start wearing them again).


Which, in turn, makes them the perfect piece during this time of year, really - especially given the kind of weather we've been having lately.

And Stradivarius' tulle skirts come in two different (and equally gorgeous) prints - both of which we're planning on snapping up ASAP.