The 6 simple freezer tricks that may actually help save your wardrobe 3 years ago

The 6 simple freezer tricks that may actually help save your wardrobe

Move over, frozen peas.

The freezer is usually one of the more cluttered parts of the home but did you know that the appliance can be a godsend for your clothes?


Here are our six top tips that could turn your freezer into your wardrobe’s best friend.

  1. Are your shoes too snug? You can break in or widen them by placing zip-lock bags of water in them and freezing them overnight. The water will expand as it freezes, stretching out your shoes so they have an extra bit of give.
  2. It’s a little-known fact that jeans should not be washed often if you want them to keep their shape. You can keep them fresh by popping them in a freezer bag and storing them in the freezer as the cold will kill any nasty germs. This works for smelly shirts and shoes too!
  3. The freezer is also a dinger for keeping fur coats and fuzzy jumpers looking new. Store them in a freezer bag to keep them from shedding.
  4. You can give your tights a longer shelf-life thanks to the freezer too. Our sisters at Her Family recently discovered that if you run a new pair of tights under cold water, put them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight, you can strengthen the material's individual fibres, making the tights more tear-resistant.
  5. There’s nothing worse than getting chewing gum on your clothes and it’s a nightmare to get out, but you needn’t think that the item is beyond saving. Place it in the freezer overnight to harden the gum and by the morning it should be stiff enough to pull off.
  6. Thanks to its low temperatures, the freezer is perfect for killing unwanted mites and insects. Rather than paying for a pricey deep-clean of bedding, clothes or curtains, you can refresh them by leaving them in the freezer.