The bridal jewellery trend that magpies will go crazy for 5 years ago

The bridal jewellery trend that magpies will go crazy for

The more the better really.

Although stacking rings aren't exactly new, they're becoming very popular as a bridal jewellery trend.


Many women are now opting to wear their engagement rings only on their left hand so it remains the sole focus of attention while your right is free to dress up with pretty stacking combinations.

From gold to rose gold to silver to platinum the options for stacking are endless and once you start, it's VERY difficult to curb this particular habit.

Another thing that's cool about this trend is the fact that you can get rings that are all the same size or you can play around with larger and smaller bands.

You can opt for plain bands or choose a ring that's adorned with gemstones or mix metallics and different shapes together.

Basically, the options are endless and you'll have too much fun trying out different looks.

There's also the fact that you can add to your stack to mark big occasions and special memories or you know, any time you feel the need to splurge (oops).

Speaking to Glamour about the fact that stacking rings are big for brides, Issac Gurary, president of jewellery company Maiden Lane said:


"Brides are looking for a band that not only complements the ring but can be worn on its own.

"Some of the biggest trends I've seen lately are stacked eternity bands, colored statement stones, multi stone statement bands, and curved bands".

As always, Instagram is my first stop for inspiration and there are SO many envy-inducing sparkle posts.

I've selected a few of my faves below but be warned, one you start scrolling, it is very difficult to stop.



Seeking light. Curved Fairy Light, Sakura, Curved Willow, Old World bands, all at

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