The Brown Thomas CHRISTMAS market has arrived and this is what it looks like 4 years ago

The Brown Thomas CHRISTMAS market has arrived and this is what it looks like

Christmas in August.

Some people love the C word, others dread the very mention of it but regardless of your feelings, the unanimous decision is that August is far too early for decorations and Christmas trees.

Despite this, the Brown Thomas Christmas Market just launched and there was an incredulous reaction to the arrival of toy soldiers and snow globes on the third floor of BT's Grafton Street Store.

There was a massive reaction to our piece on the market, which you can check out here, and I popped down today to see what the fuss is all about.

Here's what I discovered:

Contrary to popular belief, people do actually shop for festive decorations in August. I was only there for ten minutes and witnessed two separate purchases while more shoppers milled around, oohing and ahhing over the Pinterest perfect display.

Not everything in the store costs the earth which is an assumption people often make about BT's wares. Of course, there are expensive items but there's budget friendly stuff too. I spotted this adorable star tree decoration and it's only €6.


I absolutely need a rose gold and white Christmas tree (see above) in my life.

So, while it might seem ludicrous to have a full-on Christmas display when we're still in summer, it appears there are some people who live for festive season prep.

Brown Thomas MD, Stephen Sealey said:

“The Christmas Market opens at the same time every year due to customer demand. We find there is a positive response from shoppers, with trees and some decorations selling out as early as October.

"In August last year, 3,000 units of Christmas decorations sold within the first three days of opening the Christmas Market.  Our customers know to expect the launch of the Christmas Market in August each year".

To be fair, I'm still trying to get my head around seeing people get ready for Christmas FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE but that is what's happening.

Say hello to your first Christmas market of 2016.





Images via Brown Thomas/Cathy Donohue