The €13 Zara dress that comes in four colours is the only January purchase we're making 8 months ago

The €13 Zara dress that comes in four colours is the only January purchase we're making

January is an excruciatingly long month but this €13 Zara dress is one way to treat yourself.

It's only day 10 of 31 and already, we are on the countdown to February and its spring feels.

However, things are pretty much guaranteed to drag up to that point especially if you're broke and fairly limited in what extra-curricular activities you can participate in.

That said, if you have €13 to spare, we've spotted one bargain that's worth breaking the January spending ban for.

It's the High Neck Dress, priced at €12.95 and comes in four fab colours - an elegant white (Oyster), a charcoal grey (Anthracite) and your standard black and grey.

€13 Zara dress

A fool-proof winter ensemble, simply add boots and tights and you have a stylish yet super comfortable look, the best kind really.

Although we do love the oyster shade, it would be next to impossible to keep clean and let's face it, we have enough black dresses.

Red is fab but it's giving us festive vibes, not ideal in the first month of year so we have to say, the elegant grey shade is winning out.

And if you happen to still have some cash handy or payday is coming soon, the Zara sale is well worth your time.

Further discounts have been applied and some pieces are now at 45 percent off, the kind of bargain you just don't want to miss.

The coat offering is particularly good and we're all about this tailored coat, check out that luxurious caramel shade. It's the Belted Coat and has been reduced from €89.95 to €49.95, the kind of bargain we're very much into.

Like most items, this particular piece is selling very fast and if you want it, you'll have to act quick and snap it up before sale season officially comes to an end.

Zara dress