The €53 ASOS dress that would be the perfect wedding guest outfit 2 years ago

The €53 ASOS dress that would be the perfect wedding guest outfit

Wedding season is almost here.

Whether you’re heading to a wedding as a family member, a close friend or as someone’s plus one, it’s always a confidence boost when your outfit has you feeling fabulous.


Especially when it doesn't break the bank.

So, say hello to the €53 ASOS dress that would be the perfect wedding guest outfit.

The ASOS DESIGN pleated cami maxi dress features a drawstring waist and a gorgeous dark floral print - and it looks a lot more expensive than its €52.54 price tag.

You could pair it with simple silver accessories and a pair of matching heels - maybe in a shade of lilac or rose.


But it would just work for weddings. The gorgeous dress would work for a number of occasions and, combined with its timeless style, we know it would be a piece we would have for years to come.

If you're looking for something in a bit more of a solid colour, though, they have a similar-style dress in a forest green.


The dress, which is also from the ASOS DESIGN range, is a little less expensive than the longer floral version at €44.24.

Much like the printed version, we would imagine pairing this one with silver - or maybe gold - accessories, with maybe some black heels.


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