The easy ironing hack that's about to make everyday life SO much easier 2 years ago

The easy ironing hack that's about to make everyday life SO much easier

If you hate ironing as much as I hate ironing, this clever trick will no doubt make your heart skip a little beat.

Apparently, if you are in the possession of a dryer, you can actually use it to iron clothes. No actual iron required.


Mind. Blown.

In fact, apart from your dryer (and those crinkly shirts), all you need is a few ice cubes.


According to Lifehacker, this is how it works.

Toss a couple of ice cubes (not too many) in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. Run it on its hottest setting for a few minutes, then take clothes out, shake, and voila; you are good to go.

It's all sorts of crazy, but it actually works.



And in fairness, if you check your iron, you will more than likely find that it has a steam button – as it is a well-known fact that steam irons out wrinkles from fabric. And what do you think you get when you toss freezing cold ice cubes into a hot, hot dryer? That's right.

Just make sure you don't over-fill the dryer, as this trick definitively works better with just a couple of items at a time. And indeed, is most effective on thinner materials, like shirts and blouses. Trying to get wrinkles out of heavy denim or slacks might not work quite as well with this method.

And remember you don't want the clothes to come out wet, so pace yourself with the ice cubes, one or two is plenty, say the experts.

Popsugar is another website who have faith in this little golden nugget of ironing information: "Instead of plugging in the iron and rushing through a quick ironing only to see the wrinkles pop back, try this."