The Latest Underwear Of Choice Screams Comfort And Slouching 6 years ago

The Latest Underwear Of Choice Screams Comfort And Slouching

Women, the time has come.

Ultimate comfort is officially back in fashion, with the Bridget Jones knickers effect taking over yet again.


If you struggle to see the comfort in sliding into a thong, or haven’t quite fell in love with a boxer brief, then you’ll be happy to know the granny pant is the underwear choice of the fashion world this season.


A new survey by John Lewis has proven that shoppers are taking a serious turn away from the sheer and opting for a little more coverage when it comes to our underwear.

Indicating the turn in fashion’s favour, a spokesperson for the company said:


"We finally fell out of love with smalls in favour of big, comfy pants. No longer associated with Bridget Jones, the big pant is now beautiful.

"Fishnets gad a sales peaks in December, but not even the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey was enough to save them."

So what does this mean?

Once we ditch the uncomfy heels, we're hitting the style stakes while reveling in our comfort zone.


As well as featuring on the catwalk for Dolce & Gabanna, the fashion choice has proven popular online, with US retailers offering the full brief as part of their previews of spring/summer 2016.

Image: Dolce & Gabanna/


While we’re all about wearing the clothes and underwear that makes you feel sexy and confident, we’re going to happily slip into our granny pants, lie on the couch and eat ice-cream.

Not just reserved for that time of the month. Now you're totally in vogue.

Don’t judge. You do it too.

H/T Vogue UK