The sentimental engagement ring trend you're going to see a lot of for the rest of this year 1 year ago

The sentimental engagement ring trend you're going to see a lot of for the rest of this year

These are gorgeous.

When it comes to engagement rings, some of the shapes (and colours) are definitely more popular than others - and, of course, there are always new trends emerging every year.


And while we are always going to have a soft spot in our hearts for the more classic styles, it turns out there has one particular trend that has emerged in 2020 — and it's all about heirlooms.

Jonne Amaya, a designer who creates custom fine jewellery with a focus on sustainability, recently told WhoWhatWear how, after the uncertainty of the last few months, couples have been "focusing more emotional energy on their rings".

"I've worked with a lot of couples wanting a ring that is expressive of their relationship, instead of a simple setting that doesn't tell a story. Not only am I seeing couples wanting bolder, more unique designs, but I'm also seeing couples cherishing what family members have passed down," she explained.

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"I think nostalgia has definitely played a big part in why couples are so intrigued by repurposing during this time. It's nostalgia mixed with awareness, and couples, now more than ever, are appreciating the value of repurposing and sustainability. Because of this, I think we'll see a trend of heirloom engagement rings, using family stones."

Another trend that's predicted to be very popular, according to designer Octavia Elizabeth, is art-deco inspired rings.


"The trend is timeless, but definitely a throwback to the Gatsby era," she added to the publication.

"The bonus? The custom-cut baguettes seriously maximise the size of your diamond but don't feel overly whimsical or feminine like diamond halos of the past."