The theme for the 2019 Met Gala has been revealed and it is PERFECT 3 years ago

The theme for the 2019 Met Gala has been revealed and it is PERFECT

It's "fashion's biggest night".

There's no doubt that 2018 Met Gala's theme - Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination - gave us some memorable looks.


Rihanna dressed as a high fashion pope. Zendaya's Joan of Arc-inspired chain mail and armour gown. Ariana Grande's dress that was actual art.

But it looks like the 2019 Met Gala may be bringing fans even more over-the-top fashion moments.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the theme of its 2019 Costume Exhibition - and Met Gala - on Tuesday: "Camp: Notes on Fashion."

And the event, which is held on the first Monday in May every year, will be hosted by Harry Styles, Serena Williams and Lady Gaga.


According to the New York Times, the theme is inspired by Susan Sontag's 1964 essay, "Notes on 'Camp'," which defiens camp as "love of the unnatural: of artifices and exaggeration."

Andrew Bolton, the curator in charge of the Costume Institute, said that he had been exploring the possible theme for the last few years.

The publication report that he added:

“We are going through an extreme camp moment, and it felt very relevant to the cultural conversation to look at what is often dismissed as empty frivolity but can be actually a very sophisticated and powerful political tool, especially for marginalised cultures.

“Whether it’s pop camp, queer camp, high camp or political camp — Trump is a very camp figure — I think it’s very timely.”