There are absolutely no words for Kim Kardashian's new footwear 4 years ago

There are absolutely no words for Kim Kardashian's new footwear

Plastic thigh-high heeled boots.

I absolutely LOVED this rose-gold dress Kim Kardashian wore a while back but her fashion choices of late, not so much.


There was this bizarre ensemble last week and now, she's been spotted out and about in a pair of plastic thigh-high boots.

Not only do they look terribly uncomfortable, they're also unpractical as your legs would be FREEZING once winter arrives.

Irish winters are cruel so we have to be sensible when thinking about footwear options but in fairness, Kim spends a lot of time in New York where it gets absolutely baltic too.

However, having established the boots are from Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 collection which are set to show at New York Fashion Week, it all makes sense now.

NYFW 2016 kicks off tomorrow and of course, Kim wearing them in advance of Kanye's show gets everyone talking.

To finish off the look, Kim went for an oversized denim jacket (another Kanye design), a white fluffy purse, a blue bralet and denim cut-offs.


As always with celeb fashion, Twitter had lots to say about the look.


Side note: Kim and North's matching sequin dresses though. CUTE.

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