There's a blog dedicated to sightings of a specific Zara dress and it's gas 2 years ago

There's a blog dedicated to sightings of a specific Zara dress and it's gas

Everyone loves a good auld Zara purchase. 

And sometimes the trend takes us all by storm, so much so that we start seeing that particular item everywhere (think Adidas original runners) and it seems like there is no getting away from it.

This was the exact reason comedian, Lulu Krause started a blog solely dedicated to sightings of a particular Zara dress that she felt she could not get away from. Cue the Zara dress, we all know it, a light denim blue style off the shoulder dress with pockets.



And I have a confession to make....I too have "the dress".

The blogger started "Blue off the Shoulder Dress" back in June 2016 when it hit the shelves but later decided to retire the blog as the winter season approached and the dress became sparse. HOWEVER, the summer returned with vengeance and to Lulu's surprise so did the dress. The 24-year-old decided to start running the blog once again full of sightings of the now famous dress around New York City.



Speaking to Refinery29 , Krause says the blog has blown up so much that she now even receives pictures of the popular piece "At this point, I probably get an average of eight or nine photos from friends every week. These include sightings in Vancouver, Greece, Spain, a lot from Italy, and across the United States."



When asked if she believes the dress and the blog will return for a third summer she said: "I can't imagine it making a third comeback next summer. I've started noticing a new trend though — men wearing white T-shirts tucked into white pants. If I see enough of that outfit in the next couple of weeks, I may start recording my sightings."

The blog currently has over 40 sightings of the dress with 80 more in the waiting to be posted. The pictures along with their funny captions chosen by Krause have us laughing all evening.



Now, I better send Lulu my picture to add to the collection (how cringe).



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