There's a charity shop crawl happening in Cork this month for all you vintage lovers 3 years ago

There's a charity shop crawl happening in Cork this month for all you vintage lovers

Sustainability is all the rage these days.

And why shouldn't it be?


The planet is in chaos, our home is slowly dying, and the fashion industry has a considerable part to play in the whole mess - so why shouldn't we all be that little bit more conscious about the things that we're buying?

And while a lot of brands are working to ensure that their products are that bit more environmentally friendly, if you really want to contribute to a more slow fashion friendly world, you could always just buy secondhand.

And no, we don't mean expensive vintage pieces that are going to set you back a good bit of cash - those are great, but so are the ones that are only going to cost you a couple of quid because they've come from a charity shop.

Because yes, they do have good bits.


And if you happen to be around Cork city this month, you're in luck because there's a charity shop crawl happening - and you'd be an absolute fool to not attend.

Organised by Geraldine and Taz of Sustainable Fashion Dublin, the event will take pre-loved and vintage fans "... around Cork city's abundant offering of thrifty delights that promises to va-va-voom up your wardrobe (and your Instagram feed!) in the most sustainable, cost-effective and generally feel-good way possible."

Sound good? Of course it does.


The crawl will kick off on North Main Street on Saturday, August 27 and finish up on Oliver Plunkett Street, giving attendees the chance to pick up some stunning secondhand pieces, all while supporting great local charities.

Geraldine and Taz have already ran many sold-out charity shop crawls in Dublin, so it only makes sense that they're planning on taking their event to the rebel county next.

See you there, yeah?

The charity shop crawl kicks off at 2pm on August 17 outside MABS on North Main Street, Cork city. 


You can get yourself a ticket here.