These sustainable Irish sweaters are making people smile, and they're back in stock tonight! 7 months ago

These sustainable Irish sweaters are making people smile, and they're back in stock tonight!

How to be kind to the earth, as well as each other.

There's nothing like colourful clothing with positive slogans to keep you smiling – and your Instagram feed bright – during his lockdown.


Lots of people have been asking here my own sunny yellow sweater with its 'be kind' logo came from. The answer is sustainable Irish clothing brand All Things Fiona-Lily.

Fiona-Lily McIntyre started up her clothing line last years and I recently spoke to her about it for a video which you can watch below or on Her's Instagram.

Having worked in fashion for over 12 years, Fiona had actually made a break from the industry and moved to Donegal to set up a fully sustainable coffee shop. Once the coffee shop was set up and running, she was able to step away from it and she began working on a passion project – which has since turned into a full-time job.

After a conversation about sustainable fashion with a close friend and a little research, Fiona found that clothing warehouses in Ireland, which produce garments for brands all over the world, have a lot of wastage.

For example, if a jumper had stitching around the neck that was off, then it would be classified as unsellable and sent to landfill. Fiona-Lily approached a few of these factories and agreed that she would take sweaters that were destined for the bin off their hands.


As someone who has experienced struggles with mental health, Fiona-Lily wanted to make her clothing a force for good in more than just a sustainable sense. She's been able to channel her therapy through the positive slogans and bright colours in her designs – and the finished products will lift anyone's spirits.

The jumpers available from All Things Fiona-Lily are all made here in Ireland and her colour pallet ranges from bright orange to powder blue. The slogans are all positive and uplifting – perfect for the times we are in now.

Having sold out of the full range in recent weeks, Fiona-Lily has a new stock of jumpers dropping onto her site at 9pm tonight, June 1, 2020.