This €50 Zara dress sold out of every size BUT it's back in stock 11 months ago

This €50 Zara dress sold out of every size BUT it's back in stock

It's that fab.

Last week, we started shopping around for Christmas dresses, see here and here but another must-have has just been added to the mix.

It's silver, (hello party perfection), a wrap over style which always wins for comfort AND it's only €50.

According to Who What Wear, this piece sold out of every size when it was first stocked but the good news is it's baaaaaaaack.

Those power shoulders equal 80s style perfection and it's clearly a statement piece but one that's very easy to wear.


It's called the 'Pleated Dress' and our favourite thing about it is the fact that it just looks so easy to wear...a special nod must be given to the long sleeves which are a necessity for winter nights out.

Statement earrings, strappy sandals, tousled waves and your festive party outfit dilemma just solved itself.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you want it we'd advise buying immediately because if it sold out the first time, it's likely to happen again.

Just don't blame us if someone else turns up with the same look, no big deal as it's the perfect icebreaker and you'll have a new friend before the end of the night.