Three trends to keep an eye out for in the sales for spring 2019 4 years ago

Three trends to keep an eye out for in the sales for spring 2019

It’s sales time!

Depending on what kind of person you are you either love or loathe them but most of us probably will have a look, whether we actually buy or not.


The post-Christmas period can be a confusing time for shoppers – when there’s so much choice and so many discounts, where do you begin?

Bear in mind that bargain is only really a bargain if it’s something you’ll actually get wear out of; otherwise it’s a waste of money, no matter how cheap it is.

With that in mind we’re looking at three trends you’ll spot in the sales that you’ll still get wear out of in the New Year.

Happy shopping!




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This is something that’s only begun to creep into shops this year - and we don’t see it going anywhere.

Worn well, this looks sophisticated, edgy and expensive rather than like something from Pretty Woman.

The key to buying a vinyl piece you’ll wear loads is to look for something classic. A well-cut pair of trousers or a sharp trench are top of our list.



Animal print

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It’s been hard to escape in the shops this autumn and winter, so expect to see loads of this in the sales.

We’ve hit saturation point with a lot of the main prints like leopard, so keep an eye out for less common patterns like tiger and zebra.


Bear in mind that loud accessories might be easier to style that loud coats, tops and dresses.


Faux fur

Let’s face it, it’ll be freezing in Ireland until at least March so a decent discounted faux fur coat is well worth picking up and can work for spring over t-shirts, shirts and even dresses.

When buying, look at the cut and shape, the colour and the quality and ask yourself, does this look cheap?

Better to spend €60 on a coat that was €100 than €20 on one that was previously €40 – the better it looks, the more you’ll wear it.