TikToker's code hack for buying cheaper clothes online goes viral 8 months ago

TikToker's code hack for buying cheaper clothes online goes viral

Definitely giving this one a try.

A TikToker has shared some valuable advice for fashion lovers looking to cut back on costs a bit.


@hummusbirrd (aka Bridget Muller) went viral recently when she told her followers how they can save money when shopping online on almost every clothing website.

However, you're gonna need to have some spare time on your hands if you want to follow her advice.

According to Muller, since companies use the same discount codes over and over, it's actually incredibly easy to simply guess them.

"It's really easy to guess coupon codes, really easy," she says in the video. "First try WELCOME10, then try WELCOME15...


"Then try the name of the company plus 10. If it's a more hip company try HELLO.

"I was once trying to buy something from this company Mellow and so I tried HELLOMELLOW and it worked.

"You'd be surprised. Good luck."

@hummusbirrd Lmk how it goes ? #lifehack #todayyearsold #couponcodes ♬ original sound - Brigette Muller

People rushed to the comments to share their success after trying it out and offer more tips on how to save money  this way.

One user suggested typing seasons like Summer, Spring, Christmas, etc., with a number.

A second person suggested checking the brand's Instagram page to see if they had collaborated with any influencers in the past while, then using the influencer's first name with a number on the end.


Another joked: "I once guessed a coupon code and the company emailed me asking how I got a hold of that coupon lol."

Meanwhile, a user who had previously worked in customer service said different variations of "sorry" can often help take some money off the order.

Muller told Newsweek that she got the idea after she happened to guess a coupon code one day while shopping, and was surprised that it worked. Since then, she's kept on guessing and has been successful quite a few times.

Happy shopping!