The top 4 times Hailey Bieber rocked an oversized jacket 3 weeks ago

The top 4 times Hailey Bieber rocked an oversized jacket

This season, the bigger the better.

Let's be real, Hailey Bieber looks good in ANYTHING. Anything. But she also pulls off some pretty cool looks and isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion.

One style I've spotted her rocking a lot is oversized shirts, jumpers, jackets. I love that she's into this style because I think there's a good amount of us looking to pull off these looks too.

Let's remember, Hailey is out of this world, and yes she could wear a bin bag and still look good and all that. But it's 2020, the year of confidence. We are all out of this world once you see yourself in the best way possible... and of course some good light helps too.

This is a look at ways you could possibly incorporate big pieces into your own wardrobe this autumn... while taking a little inspiration from Hailey too.

Oversized old school leather jacket

This is the type of leather jacket our parents used to wear, very retro, very biker chic.

Hailey paired it with a pair of boyfriend jeans tucked into knee high boots and we love this whole look. The red lipstick and nails perfect it.

Oversized coat

We all need one of these for the colder weather - a big black coat will take you everywhere over the next few months of cold.

Note the way Hailey wears it, with the belt tied in at the waist. She wore tracksuit bottoms and what looks like a pretty simple Tee underneath, something we can all relate to.

Oversized suit jacket

This is one of my favourite looks Hailey has worn. It's very business chic meets festival.

You can rock an oversized suit jacket, and pair it with a bright white Tee and some cool accessories. Hailey goes for shorts and a belly top which looks great, but most of us won't be copying that for an adventure in town.

The boots are to die for too, if you like a statement shoe.

Oversized shirt

This boyfriend style shirt caught my eye recently because the colour and the material.

It works really well with legs out, but if you're not into that then a tight pair of skinny jeans with a fresh white top underneath should work.

Like we said, this season the bigger the better.